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The Power Within

Too often we wait for some sign, some flash of lightning or portent to tell us we are ready to become successful. As if there is a magical moment to receive the blessings and gifts that you have been asking for so long.

Yes, it requires alignment. But that is an action. Yes it requires being prepared..that too is an action. And yes it requires you to have set the stage and foundation for that success to prosper....but still it action.

Do you see the trend here?


In every instance there are actions involved, steps taken. We keep looking outside of ourselves and our actions to complete the journey that we have started. Your motivation, your initiative your spark has always been in the same place.

Inside of you.

It is there that the ideas are formed. It is there that fire is lit. It is there that courage to get up when you are knocked down.

Its there. You see it. Every day you stare in the mirror, even if you don't recognize it. But I promise you.

It's there.

Stop asking. Instead take some measure of control over your journey. Know that you are worth it and worthy. You were meant to have success. You were meant to be great.

Take it with both hands and remind yourself that this is only the beginning. See the shot, see the finish line, see the bank account, see the house...see it all.

It's yours. Remember that.

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