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"Road Worthy..."


~Courage isn't about knowing the path, it's about taking the first step.~

Katie Davis

I could pepper you with quotes about starting your goals and not being afraid to take that first step, but what I will do instead is remind you that all you have ever wanted to have is based on what is both possible, probable and what you are willing to work for.

That is the space were "Interest" becomes "Commitment".

That is the space AND place where your dreams and effort collide to bring those thoughts into reality.

This no simple affirmation. It is an affirmation, a prayer and hard work.

It is planning the opportunity.

It is preparing for the opportunity,

It is executing the action FOR the opportunity.

Plan.... then take a step. And then another.... and another.

Then celebrate those steps.... whether large.. or small.

Those victories... belong to you no matter the size... or amount of time it took to get there.

And one of the keys to achieving that success is to put your MOST into your special thing.... versus your least.

The other is taking that step.... first .... second.. so on and so forth until you reach your milestone.

This is your journey.

It is yours to make.... or delay.

And so are the results.

Grab your keys... start the vehicle of your success....

And get on the road.

Inside work.... Outside Results....

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