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"One mo'gin.."

Have you ever met someone who no matter what you say, they have a convenient excuse for something they did wrong or couldn't accomplish? Was it always something or someone that prevented them from being successful? Almost rapid fire they yank out an excuse as if they practiced it all morning and maybe even the night before? Mirror time. Here is an even better question and I want you to really think about it. Have you been that person? I am not casting stones I promise, especially since at some point in my life I was that guy. You see, you don't know until you know. There was a time when there were quite a few things that I didn't know. About life, about success, about myself, much less others. As my studies increased so too did my awareness of the rearing monster of not taking accountability. I could take responsibility quite easy. That was, at least in my mind doing the right thing regardless of who did it. But what I had a hard time doing was looking at myself and saying... "Yeah..I did that." What was harder was getting rid of the ready made excuses for the "Why" I didn't do something or accomplish the goal. It is said that humans are creatures of habit. Good.....and the Bad. For those that do not know, a habit is a series of components. Que, Routine and Reward. But what happens when that "Habit Reward" is actually something that is getting in the way of your success? What if you have fooled your self so much with those handy dandy excuses that you think that the things you say, the things you do that are filled nothing more than bad habits are...helping you? "One mo'gin.." What do you do when the problem The best way to get rid of a bad habit is to stop practicing it. The best way to stop practicing it, is to replace it with something beneficial. Then...practice, practice, practice. No more excuses. No more procrastination. No more self made obstacles because you are afraid you are going to fail. NO MORE. I promise you failure is overrated, so why keep practicing things that lead you there? You wouldn't keep going to a restaurant that had bad service and bad food would you? No of course not, regardless of how convenient it was to your house or how cheap the prices were. The same thing applies to your life and your potential success. requires you to stop doing the same thing and expecting different things. "One mo'gin.." Instead, why don't we invest our time in doing the right thing as often as possible and when we don't do what we should, we at least learn to practice the right thing so that it becomes a habit. A good habit. It isn't always easy. It isn't always pretty, but it is always necessary. Be persistent. Be consistent. Be successful. #motivation #motivationalwarrior #empowerment #motivationalquotes #dailyinspirationalquotes #inspirationalquoutes #quotestoliveby #personaldevelopment #vexkingquotes #leadership #Troyisims

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