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"What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" -- Robert Schuller.

When I was a kid I had a blue Peter Pan figurine...

He was blue and he was awesome.

One day while at the playground right outside of my elementary school a local bully asked if he could see it.

A part of me... even at 7 years old knew that it was a bad idea, but two things made me do it.

Number one.... He was 15 and a lot bigger.

Translation... I was scared so... yeah..

Number two... He asked nicely so maybe.... just maybe he liked Peter Pan just like I did.

Uhhhhh... nope.

He was a jerk and he threw my toy on top of the elementary school.

I really liked that toy... I mean really.

We won't go into why telling my mother wasn't going to make a difference. I mean .... I did tell her and.... well it didn't make a difference.

So.... I had a choice. I could take it as a loss and a lesson learned (Don't trust bullies with your stuff) or.... I could climb up there and... get it.

I made the climb.

Scared and all....

The moral of the story....

In this journey we call life we each have a different gait.. a different stride and a different destination.

But... our ultimate goal should be the same. To become the best version of who we were meant to be.

There is value in effort. Effort shows how much you want the thing that you want...

But in order for their to be effort... there must be challenge.

Sometimes...the path to success requires you to pick up your feet... increase your speed, stretch out your legs and jump to get to your destination.

It's in that space that you discover endurance, resilience and perseverance.

But only if you are willing to take the leap.

So do it... do that thing. Look at the expanse and ....

Walk... Skip... Jog... Sprint... Run


On purpose....with purpose ....

Inside work.... Outside Results....

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